Up, Down and All Around

Our horizontal mixers are the original End 2 End mix specialists.  Designed to ensure your ration remains consistent start to finish, day in day out.  The top augers move the materials from front to back where they fall on the bottom augers and are moved forward to start the mix cycle over again.

Not only does our process provide you with the total mix you need, it also produces an efficient unload cycle making it easier to produce a consistent feed out 2 end in the feedbunk.  The hydraulically driven discharge with the Helicoid flighted augers keeps the feed flowing from End 2 End during unloading.

The large diameter, 5/8″ thick vertical screws process your large bales into manageable portions quickly and consistently. They are mixed with other commodities as the material flows up the auger in the middle and down the outsides during the auger rotation. The LuckNow SideSweep fin on the bottom flight pulls the material away from the sides of the tub and back towards the middle of the auger, ensuring all commodities are mixed and eliminating dead spots in the tub.

Not all twin vertical mixers are created equal. LuckNow designed the End2End system so the two vertical screws work together to process long fiber material and pieces better. End2End makes sure that material from one passes and mixes with the other. The End2End system ensures all materials are mixed throughout the tub for end 2 end consistency that shows in the feedbunk.

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Todd Van Loo
John Neufeld

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